About Don Basile


Don Basile is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with over two decades of experience in telecommunications, healthcare, and technology. Throughout his career, he’s worked at the cutting edge, helping to innovate in areas such as data networking, storage, cable, computing, and semiconductors.

Don Basile previously served as CEO to a number of high-growth startups, all of which exponentially expanded their revenue, business model, and customer base. Basile’s past roles include CEO of Violin Memory and Fusion-io, and he was a vice president at UnitedHealth Group. To date, Don Basile and his teams have raised more than $1 billion for various high-growth startups.

Currently, Don Basile is the CEO of Monsoon Blockchain, a blockchain-based cloud storage optimization service that provides a decentralized ecosystem better suited for intensive, data-heavy usage in areas like analytics or AI. Monsoon’s unstructured data storage protocol lets users to freely switch between different clouds for various applications, a flexibility that leads to cost savings and increased efficiency. Basile believes its unique, API-based cloud infrastructure will be a valuable addition to the cloud technology industry, which is expected to reach a valuation of half a billion dollars by 2020.

In addition, Don Basile pursues a number of promising ventures. These include Liquipel, which manufactures cases and screen protectors with the latest nanotechnology; Calient Technologies, a 3D MEMS optical circuit switching for data centers and transport networks; and Sureline Systems, an application mobility provider specializing in data migration across networks.

As an enthusiastic technologist, Basile keeps up with the latest innovations, and in particular is fascinated by graphene and other nanomaterials, whose capabilities promise to take us to a new phase in our advancement. Basile is a part of The Graphene Innovation Investment Fund, where a team of technology investment and operating professionals help identify, invest in and build companies pursuing emerging opportunities in this area. As an emerging area of technology innovation that is projected to broadly impact our lives, Basile hopes to give graphene and similar nanomaterials the opportunity to develop.

Donald Basile is frequently consulted for his expertise and has been featured in publications such as ForbesTechCrunchThe International Business TimesThe New York Times, and Network Computing.